Reception is open from 08.30 am to 11.30 am and from 04.00 pm to 06.00 pm. In the reception and at the sanitary you will find information about the camping facilities, sporting possibilities, walking and cycling itineraries, information about the surroundings, events and important addresses. For all your requests or mentions of disorders of any kind, please contact, when urgent matters, outside the opening hours the reception or ring at the door bell.

Swimming-pool is opened daily from 09.00 am to 07.00 pm,

Bread for the next day can be ordered daily before 06.00 pm. This can be done at the sanitary building. The bread/pastries can be picked up next day between 08.30 am and 10.00 am at the bar of the camping.

Ice-packs can be frozen in the freezer at the sanitary building. Water from the taps is drinking water of good quality.
The several water taps dispersed over the camping are only for use to fill jerrycans or other supplies. It can not be used to do your dishes! There is no drain and the water goes directly into the ground.

Meals We make daily “plats du jour”. You can find information about our weekly menu at the reception and sanitary building. We also serve some dishes from the small menu.

Laundry To use the washing machine on the camping, you can purchase coins (5€) and powder (0,50€) at the reception or at the bar.

Barbecue with open fire is strictly forbidden. Only the use of a barbecue on gas or an electrical barbecue are authorized.

WiFi is offered free.
Please limit use of the internet to check email, and do not download anything.

Car on the camping ground, please drive at a walking pace.

Parking only along the long side of the camping on the parking lots and close to the other cars. No parking on the other side of the road as our neighbors do not appreciate it.

We respect the garbage separation initiative. Please do the same. At your arrival we give you 3 handy bags which we ask you to give back at your departure. Several waste separation containers are at the entrance of the parking. The container “ordures ménagères” is used for ordinary waste.

In Bourdeaux are 2 small supermarkets, in Dieulefit (in direction of Montélimar) is a larger Super U. The Super U is daily opened non-stop until tot 07.30 pm and Sunday morning until noon. Opening hours of the other shops: 08.30 am – noon and 02.30 pm – 07.00 pm.

Fuel can be taken at Super U in Dieulefit, Citroën in Bordeaux. Both are also opened 24/7 by credit card.

Mail can be put in the yellow mailbox on the side of our house and is emptied every day. We also sell stamps at the reception.

You can swim in the Roubion between Bourdeaux and Saou along the D538 at appr. 8 km from the camping and in the Jabron in Pont the Barret at the municipal camping at appr. 15 km from the camping.

Checkout We ask you to come to the reception the afternoon before departure during opening hours to do the checkout and pay all unpaid bills if this is the case.